Legal services are carried out with the utmost care and professionalism, taking into account previously gained professional experience. Continuous professional development as part of many training, participation in seminars, meetings and conferences in the field of specialization allows us to maintain a high level of services.

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Civil law

Legal services in the field of broadly understood civil law, including the preparation and analysis of contracts, conducting inheritance cases before common courts, matters relating to rights in property, violation of ownership, property, consumer matters, payment, cases from the scope of personal rights protection, image, B2B relations (entrepreneur-entrepreneur), B2C relations (entrepreneur-consumer).

Family law

Legal services in the field of family matters, including advising and conducting divorce cases, for maintenance, for establishing contacts with the child, for parental authority, for establishing and denying paternity, legal assistance in drafting agreements between parents.

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Legal services in the field of damages in connection with infringement of personal rights, damage to health, car accidents, accidents at work, compensation issues from employment, property and personal damage, and other, correspondence with accident offenders, insurers.

Enforcement proceedings

Legal services in the field of representation before enforcement authorities, courts, bailiffs, enforcement cases, enforcement of alimonies, adjudicated debts, demands for payment.

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Consumer bankruptcy

Comprehensive legal services for debtors in consumer bankruptcy, analysis of the possibility of consumer bankruptcy, preparation of an application for a declaration of consumer bankruptcy, legal representation in court.

Economic law

Legal services in the scope of establishing and running a business, commercial law companies, changes in the National Court Register, drawing up a civil law partnership, drawing up and analysing commercial contracts, participating in negotiations, legal advice, conducting court cases related to the performance of contracts, preparation and analysis of contracts for confidentiality.

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Legal services related to obtaining and maintaining the protection of trademarks, brands in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland in the field of national protection and in the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property in the case of protection of trademarks in the European Union. Analysis of the registration capability of the designation, examination of databases, consulting and representation in proceedings before the aforementioned offices. Making applications for protection of a trademark, revocation, and expiration of the right of protection, objections to the application and decisions issued by the Patent Office. Cases of trademark violations, representation before the public and administrative courts and courts. Monitoring of trademarks.


Provision of comprehensive legal services in the field of copyright and related rights, preparation and analysis of agreements for the transfer of financial copyrights, contracts for the transfer of related rights, license agreements, sub-license agreements, and publishing contracts. Legal advice for authors, purchasers of copyright, heirs of authors, publishers, and universities. Cases related to plagiarism, author’s personal rights, financial copyrights, author’s supervision, protection of the integrity of the work, issues related to the copyright of authors, analysis of contracts with ZAIKS, organizations representing creators, producers, creators of performances, phonograms, videograms. Image protection. Claiming in the area of copyright, related rights, and image infringement.

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Intellectual property

Provision of comprehensive legal services in the field of broadly understood intellectual property, copyright, industrial property law, combating unfair competition, protection of business secrets, protection of know-how, research results, internet law, IT. Matters related to the commercialization of intellectual property. Legal advice, analysis, drawing up contracts, legal opinions, matters related to projects, implementation of development and implementation works.

Press law

Legal services in the field of the press law, registration of newspapers and magazines in the register, request to change the entry in the register, obtaining excerpts from the register, representation in court cases related to the responsibility of the editor-in-chief, journalists, matters related to image protection.

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Higher education

Legal services in the field of law of higher education and science, legal services for higher education, legal advice and representation of candidates, students and doctoral students towards university bodies, analysis of internal legal acts, legal representation in cases before common courts and administrative courts (e.g. matters related to admission to studies, removal from the list of students or doctoral students, granting or refusal to grant a scholarship, disciplinary proceedings, proceedings related to diploma thesis plagiarism or a doctoral dissertation).

Disciplinary cases of police officers

Provision of comprehensive legal services in disciplinary cases of police officers, legal advice, representation before disciplinary authorities, preparation of letters, evidence requests, appeals and complaints, participation in hearings. Cases for infringement of personal rights.

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Labour law

Providing comprehensive legal services in the field of labour law, legal advice, and preparation of legal opinions, employment contracts, termination of employment contract, analysis of the possibilities of acting for the employer and employee, asserting claims for damages.

Administrative law

Legal services in the field of broadly understood administrative law, representation before administrative offices and courts in all cases, including matters relating to real estate, related to driving licenses, etc.

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