How can I contact the office of a legal advisor in Krakow?

by phone: + 48 606892386 | by e-mail: | via the contact form

Is the legal advisor’s office open during the covid-19 epidemic?

YES. The law firm works as before, with the principles of prudence resulting from the applicable restrictions.

Do I have to make an appointment to receive legal aid?

NOT. Provision of legal services, legal advice, etc. are possible remotely or stationary. The choice of action depends on the specifics and needs of a given case. It is possible to provide legal advice via instant messaging such as Skype, Signal etc. In the event of a court case, you must take into account the necessity to attend a court hearing. The “covid” solutions provide for the possibility of an on-line hearing, but it is still a novelty that is not used by all courts in every case.

Can I pay by card at the legal adviser’s office?

YES. From 2020, it is possible to pay by card at the office. Thus, you do not have to worry about the security of the transaction.

What are the working hours of the attorney-at-law’s office?

As a rule, 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday. It is best to contact the law firm to make an appointment. There are also court hearings or visits to offices on a daily basis, so I arrange a schedule of possible meetings in advance.

Is my data sent to the office in a safe way?

Yes, in the office I make every effort to ensure that communication with the office takes place in a safe manner. I also suggest encrypting the transferred files – e.g. using the 7-Zip program. Detailed information on how to use this program and how to collect or send files to the office will be sent by e-mail or explained by phone. A good solution is also the use of communicators that allow you to maintain a higher level of security, e.g. Signal.

In each case, the methods of communication with the client are determined individually according to the needs.

The remuneration for the provision of legal services depends on the individual case, its nature, level of complexity, as well as the time and scope of activities necessary to provide professional legal assistance.

I provide the possibility of individually determining the remuneration according to:

– hourly rates, e.g. in the case of legal advice,
– a monthly lump sum in the case of permanent legal services,
– remuneration for a particular legal service or for each activity,
– determining additional remuneration for a positive result of the case (the so-called pactum de quota litis or success fee).

The remuneration for conducting the case is agreed with the client in advance and collected upon acceptance of the case. In the case of litigation, a written contract is concluded, specifying the rules for payment and the amount of remuneration.

You can pay in cash, by bank transfer or by card.