We provide legal services in the following cases:

– judicial – e.g. representation before courts (district, district, appeal, Supreme Court) and administrative (provincial administrative courts, Supreme Administrative Court, legal representation),

– out-of-court (e.g. legal advice, legal analysis, preparation of a contract, writing a document, trade negotiations, preparation of a legal opinion),

– arbitration (e.g. representation before arbitration courts, arbitration, application to the court to declare the judgment enforceable),
– enforcement (e.g. before Bailiffs, debt collection cases),

– official (e.g. before offices, the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (UPRP), the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property (EUIPO),

Among the legal services provided, we can mention:

– providing legal advice, providing oral legal advice during a meeting with the Client or by e-mail,

– legal advice,

– drawing up legal opinions,

– preparation of contracts, regulations, declarations,

– drafting legal acts,

– analysis and evaluation of documents,

– preparation of analysis, written legal advice,

– obtaining copies of documents,

– legal consultancy,

– monitoring of trademarks,

– preparation of pleadings and extra-procedural documents,

– requests for payment,

– negotiations,

– Client representation before any courts or offices, legal representation.